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UGA 한인 학생회 공식 후원사 BMB KOREA 보험 대리점의 이보택입니다.


다름이 아니라 지난 3월 20일 학교로부터 현재 J 비자로 체류하시는 분들에게 UGA J 비자 보험 조건 변경 및 보험 정보 업데이트와 관련해 공지 메일이 발송 되어 안내 드립니다.


이전 글에 안내 드린바와 같이 UGA 의 경우 5월 15일 부터 J 비자 신분으로 출국을 하시거나 체류하시는 분들의 보험 요구 조건이 변경되게 됩니다.


이와 관련해 UGA 측에서 현재 J 비자로 체류하시는 분들이나 J 비자 신분 연장예정이신 분들은 새로운 J 비자 보험 조건과 관련해 안내메일을 받으셨을줄로 압니다.


기존 J 비자 보험조건에 맞추어 보험에 가입 되어 있으신 분들이나 J 비자 신분 연장을 예정이신 분들은 5월15일 이전 새로 변경되는 보험조건에 맞추어 보장 한도를 변경 또는 연장을 하여 학교측 전산 시스템에 업데이트를 하셔야 합니다.



-해외 상해 의료비/건당: $50,000/건당

-해외 질병 의료비/건당: $50,000/건당

-개인 부담금: 년간 $500 미만

-피난 비용: $10,000 이상

-송환 비용: $7,500 이상


20155월15일부터 적용

-해외 상해 의료비/건당: $100,000/건당

-해외 질병 의료비/건당: $100,000/건당

-개인 부담금: 년간 $500 미만

-피난 비용: $50,000 이상

-송환 비용: $25,000 이상

-신용 등급 평가 기관(A.M BEST 또는 STANDARD & POORS )으로부터 A 등급 이상을 받은 보험사


현재 저를 통해 보험에 가입 되어 있으신 분들의 경우 현재 가입 되어 있으신 보험의 보장 한도를 5월15일 부터 보험 종료일 까지 변경 하실수 있도록 진행해 드릴수가 있으며, 보장 한도 증액에 따라 추가 보험료를 안내 드리도록 하겠습니다.


아래 메일은 지난 3월 20일 학교측으로 부터 현재 J 비자로 체류하고 계시는 분들에게 공지 메일로 발송된 내용입니다.


날 짜: 2015년 3월 20일(금) 03:44:52
제 목: J-1 health insurance requirements

Hello – Since you are a J-1 exchange visitor at UGA, we need to update you on some J-1 visa regulatory changes.  In compliance with new regulations outlined below, you will need to provide us with updated health insurance confirmation before May 15th, 2015.
The U.S. Department of State has updated and revised the regulations pertaining to required health insurance for J-1 visa holders.  Exchange visitors sponsored in the J-1 exchange visitor visa category must hold health insurance for themselves and any accompanying family members that meet the new standards, effective May 15th, 2015.  Failure to maintain health insurance can result in a termination of the J-1 and J-2 immigration status, and the academic program at UGA. The full regulatory citation is appended to the end of this email for your information.
In brief, the changes to the required health insurance coverage is as follows:

Final Rule (eff. 05/15/2015)
Medical benefits
$50,000 per accident/illness
$100,000 per accident / illness
Repatriation of remains
Medical evacuation
Deductible per accident or illness
no more than $500
no more than $500
 Implications for J-1 visitors paid by UGA
J-1 scholars paid by UGA are eligible for UGA-sponsored health insurance plans.  These plans (with the exception of the high-deductible plan) meet most of the required regulatory requirements.  However UGA plans DO NOT cover repatriation of remains and medevac coverage.  J-1 scholars have the option of (i) enrolling in UGA’s health insurance plan and adding separate coverage for repatriation and medevac coverage; or (ii) enroll in an outside plan that meets all Department of State requirements. Under either case, OIE’s Immigration Services will need to see proof of coverage or additional coverage when checking in on arrival on campus. (If an alternate policy is chosen, we will need to see proof of coverage, in English.)
Implications for J-1 Visitors NOT paid by UGA
J-1 scholars not paid by UGA are not eligible for UGA health insurance and are required to choose an alternate plan that meets Department of State requirements. Proof of one of the following, in English, will be required prior to May 15th, 2015, if you are currently a J scholar at UGA, or at the time of check in at the Immigration Services office if you will be starting a J program at UGA after May 15th.

  • Proof of coverage that meets the new regulatory requirements outlined above.  This proof needs to be in English, and on official company or agency letterhead or in a printed brochure;


  • Proof that the insurance is a national (state-sponsored) health insurance backed by the full faith and credit of the government of the exchange visitor's home country

How to Submit your Proof of Insurance:
You will need to submit an online form. 

  1. Go to istart.uga.edu
  2. If you have a current UGA MyID Click on the blue login button on the left.  If you do not have  a UGA MYId, click on the link for “Limited Services” on the right. 
  3. Once you login, look at the list of menu items on the left. 
  4. Click on “J-1 Scholar Services”, and then on “J-1 Health Insurance Confirmation Form”. 
  5. Complete the form, upload your health insurance policy copy, and click “submit”.  This will need to be submitted by May 15th, 2015. If you have any dependents in J-2 status you will need to submit copies of their health insurance as well.

Although the Office of International Education does not endorse any external insurance plans, we will provide a sample list of companies that have indicated that they meet the State Department criteria: 
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about this.
Robin V. Catmur
Director, Immigration Services
The University of Georgia
1324 South Lumpkin St.
Athens, Georgia, 30602
(706) 542-2900
Regulatory Citations:
22 CFR §62.14   Insurance.
(a) Sponsors must require that all exchange visitors have insurance in effect that covers the exchange visitors for sickness or accidents during the period of time that they participate in the sponsor's exchange visitor program. In addition, sponsors must require that accompanying spouses and dependents of exchange visitors have insurance for sickness and accidents. Sponsors must inform all exchange visitors that they, and any accompanying spouse and dependent(s), also may be subject to the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.
(b) The period of required coverage is the actual duration of the exchange visitor's participation in the sponsor's exchange visitor program as recorded in SEVIS in the “Program Begin Date,” and as applicable, the “Program End Date,” “Effective Program End Date,” or “Effective Date of Termination” fields. Sponsors are not authorized to charge fees to their sponsored exchange visitors for the provision of insurance coverage beyond any demonstrable and justifiable staff time. Sponsors are not required to, but may, offer supplemental “entry to exit” coverage (i.e., coverage from the time the exchange visitor departs his or her home country until he or she returns). If the sponsor provides health insurance, or arranges for health insurance to be offered the exchange visitor, via payroll deduction at the host organization, the exchange visitor must voluntarily authorize this action in writing and also be given the opportunity to make other arrangements to obtain insurance. These authorizations must be kept on file by the sponsor. Minimum coverage must provide:
(1) Medical benefits of at least $100,000 per accident or illness;
(2) Repatriation of remains in the amount of $25,000;
(3) Expenses associated with the medical evacuation of exchange visitors to his or her home country in the amount of $50,000; and
(4) Deductibles not to exceed $500 per accident or illness.
(c) Insurance policies secured to fulfill the requirements of this section:
(1) May require a waiting period for pre-existing conditions that is reasonable as determined by current industry standards;
(2) May include provisions for co-insurance under the terms of which the exchange visitor may be required to pay up to 25% of the covered benefits per accident or illness; and
(3) Must not unreasonably exclude coverage for perils inherent to the activities of the exchange program in which the exchange visitor participates.
(d) Any policy, plan, or contract secured to fill the above requirements must, at a minimum, be:
(1) Underwritten by an insurance corporation having an A.M. Best rating of “A−” or above; a McGraw Hill Financial/Standard & Poor's Claims-paying Ability rating of “A−” or above; a Weiss Research, Inc. rating of “B+” or above; a Fitch Ratings, Inc. rating of “A−” or above; a Moody's Investor Services rating of “A3” or above; or such other rating as the Department of State may from time to time specify; or
(2) Backed by the full faith and credit of the government of the exchange visitor's home country; or
(3) Part of a health benefits program offered on a group basis to employees or enrolled students by a designated sponsor; or
(4) Offered through or underwritten by a federally qualified Health Maintenance Organization or eligible Competitive Medical Plan as determined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
(e) Federal, state or local government agencies; state colleges and universities; and public community colleges may, if permitted by law, self-insure any or all of the above-required insurance coverage.
(f) At the request of a non-governmental sponsor of an exchange visitor program, and upon a showing that such sponsor has funds readily available and under its control sufficient to meet the requirements of this section, the Department of State may permit the sponsor to self-insure or to accept full financial responsibility for such requirements.
(g) The Department of State may, in its sole discretion, condition its approval of self-insurance or the acceptance of full financial responsibility by the non-governmental sponsor by requiring such sponsor to secure a payment bond in favor of the Department of State guaranteeing the sponsor's obligations hereunder.
(h) Accompanying spouses and dependents are required to be covered by insurance in the amounts set forth in paragraph (b) of this section. Sponsors must inform exchange visitors of this requirement, in writing, in advance of the exchange visitor's arrival in the United States.
(i) Exchange visitors who willfully fail to maintain the insurance coverage set forth above while a participant in an exchange visitor program or who make material misrepresentations to the sponsor concerning such coverage will be deemed to be in violation of these regulations and will be subject to termination as an exchange visitor.
(j) Sponsors must terminate an exchange visitor's participation in their program if the sponsor determines that the exchange visitor or any accompanying spouse or dependent willfully fails to remain in compliance with this section.
Robin V. Catmur
Director, International Student, Scholar and Immigration Services
The University of Georgia
1324 South Lumpkin St.
Athens, Georgia, 30602
(706) 542-2900


위 내용과 관련해 문의 사항이나 제가 도와드릴일이 있으시면 언제든지 연락 주시기 바랍니다.




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