Chemical Engineer - LG Hausys America, Inc.

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업체명 : : LG Hausys America, Inc. 
Email : : resume@lghausys.com 
Phone : : LG 하우시스 

LG Hausys America, Inc.



Job Title: Chemical Engineer (Bilingual Korean & English)

Location: Adairsville, GA

Reports to: Production Team Leader

Objective: LG Hausys America, Inc. a subsidiary of LG Hausys Ltd in South Korean is looking for a Chemical Engineer at our GA Plant in Adairsville, GA. Listed below is a detailed description of the roles and responsibilities for this position. If you feel that you meet the qualifications and are interested please submit your resume.

Resume to: resume@lghausys.com

Role Description and Responsibilities:

• Optimize manufacturing processes and product quality.

• Identify ways to reduce cost by streamlining processes and systems (i.e. modification of responsibilities or consolidation of tasks, elimination of non-value added processes, or complete re-engineering of processes and systems).

• Devise and manage quality control procedures, and is responsible for overall raw material stability and quality.

• Prepare estimate of production costs and production progress reports for management.

• Monitor and update SAP enterprise system.

• Monitor inventory status and manage monthly inventory inspection.

• Exchange knowledge and information with other Company facilities to ensure best practices are shared throughout the Company organization.

Education and Work Experience:

Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering or related field.
Experience in manufacturing environment is a plus.

Knowledge and Skills:

• Management of Material Resources
• Management of Personnel Resources
• Time management
• Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word
• SAP Fluency
• Chemistry
• Computers and Electronics
• Engineering and Technology
• Mathematics
• Production and Processing
• Active Learning
• Active Listening
• Critical Thinking
• Quality Control Analysis
• Understanding principles of polymer chemistry

Salary Range:
-Negotiable/Based on qualification and work experience.

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