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LG Hausys America, Inc.


Job Title: Accounting Specialist (Bilingual Korean and English)

Location: Atlanta, GA

Position Summary: The processing of monthly closing documentation, monthly reports, accounting documents, audit PBC information, and receivables and liabilities. Position requires the registration of new assets as well as the reporting of quarterly and yearly reports.

Role Description:

·         The management of monthly and quarterly accounting processes and financial activities. Tasks may include, but are not limited to, processing vendor credit applications, preparing audit PBC information, clearing receivables and liabilities, and creating WBS elements.



·         Management of monthly closing

·         Management of monthly reports

·         Processing and review accounting documents

·         Registering new assets

·         Preparing quarterly reporting packages

·         Preparing quarterly/yearly physical inventory check

·         Preparing audit PBC information

·         Creating WBS elements

·         Reconciling receivables and liabilities as well as other accounts

·         Reviewing credit memos to all customers

·         Other duties as assigned.


Qualifications: Listed below are the minimum and/or desired qualifications of the position including education, work experience and knowledge & skills that are required to perform satisfactorily in the position:

Education and Work Experience:

·         Undergraduate degree in Accounting, Economics, or Business preferred.

·         AICPA Preferred.

·         Experience with ERP/SAP is preferred.


Knowledge and Skills:

·         MS Office Programs (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.)

·         Interpersonal skills

·         Detail Oriented

·         Organizational Skills

·         Initiative skills

·         Complex problem solving and critical thinking

·         Management of Financial Resources

·         Mathematics

·         Basic Accounting skills

·         Good judgment and decision making skills

·         Great Oral and Written Communication Skills

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