Product Analyst - LG Hausys America, Inc.

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업체명 : : LG Hausys America, Inc. 
Email : : resume@lghausys.com 
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LG Hausys America, Inc.


Job Title: Product Analyst


Location: Atlanta, GA

Reports to: Sr. Product Manager

Resume to: resume@lghausys.com

Position SummaryManaging all aspects of database and CRM management, including ensuring accurate data entry into Salesforce and other management systems.  To own, develop and execute daily, the configuration, reporting, training, support, maintenance and overall improvement of our chosen CRM platform. Manage HI-MACS and Viatera material through production plan, inventory reporting, sales analysis, and custom color match coordination. Analyze and coordinate Commercial project sales demand and forecast for HI-MACS and Viatera products. Process and invoice material purchase orders and control pricing of products and promotions through SAP accounting system for accurate upkeep of inventory.

Role Description:

·      The management of processes involving, but not limited to, data management in all its forms, analytics that help improve sales and marketing effectiveness and developing a critical path for future growth.

·       Manage, coordinate, report, and analyze HI-MACS products through daily sales analysis and inventory. Tasks may include, but are not limited to, RV warehouse inventory control, commercial inventory control, and sales portal system assistance.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

·      Work cross functionally with sales, marketing and IT to evaluate needs and provide insight into process improvements and streamlined functionality.

·      Develop, maintain, create and improve our brand new implementation of Salesforce.  This includes validation rules, custom workflows, custom object fields, and formulas.

·      Design, document, build, test and deploy enhancements to Salesforce. 

·      Reconcile and correct data duplication issues.

·      Work with the sales leadership on ad hoc reporting, dashboard creation and modifications, lead-related and opportunity- related issues, and system configurations.

·      Work with the marketing team and consultants to help manage campaigns and leads with the sales team. (Maintain E-Mail Database)

·      Develop reports for the sales and marketing organization that offer key business insights, target accounts, market segmentation, win/loss, aging, etc.

·      Cross train team members on best practices and provide technical support and recommendations

·      Develop analytics generated from Dodge SpecShare system to be used by sales management and field personnel.

·      Assist Senior Commercial Manager with Project Tracking and specific reporting based on Construction Points (SalesForce application).

·      Maintain overall SFDC system configuration in production and a sandbox environment.

·      Serve as main point of contact for all requests and issues relating to Salesforce or Dodge.

·      Setup new users based on Roles and Profiles and deactivate users upon request

·      Leads development of new Surfaces product and define color pallet and roadmap working with design, engineering, and marketing team

·      Custom size/color HI-MACS, Sink, Shower Pan quote/order process coordination

·      Manages Surfaces product certifications, specifications, test results and evaluate new technical information that can help with product specification and brand recognition

·      Supports Surfaces production and inventory allocation to ensure a stable supply including slow and dead stock monitoring

·      HI-MACS, Sink, Showerpan, Adhesive SKU control/material master management

·      Approves project pricing based on project segment, competitive information, color, volume, and customer while maintaining profit; monitor price levels and discounts to ensure operating profit

·      Production/Promotion price control in SAP & Portal, and update all price books

·      Develops and design sales program after evaluating territory, customers, segments, application and other relevant information working with all departments; set up process to fulfill orders without issues

·      Vendor management for Stainless Steel sinks and OEM for Surfaces related products

·      Manages LG Club Program by add/removing and updating policy such as sales goal and pricing

·      Supports Home Center sales promotions and wallboard update for Surfaces products

·      Supports new account development and help resolve any issues such claims with current accounts

·      Conduct annual Territory Analysis (Market Share, Price Analysis, Sales Growth, etc.)



Qualifications:  To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential role and responsibility.  Listed below are the minimum and/or desired requirements of the position including education, work experience and knowledge & skills.


Education and Work Experience:


·      ADM201 Certification or higher.

·      Undergraduate degree in business or related field preferred but not required.

·      Understanding of the building industry, preferably commercial.

·      Demonstrated proficiency in customizing and managing Salesforce. 1 or more years as a Salesforce Administrator is a plus.



Knowledge and Skills:

·      Ability to understand the impact of operational initiatives from a sales and marketing person’s 

 perspective (it comes naturally to you to translate business needs into process automation).

·      Ability to prepare reports and use of appropriate mode of communication.  Must be proficient at

 analyzing data, building reporting, and making strategic recommendations based on data and


·      Experience with Pardot is a plus or other marketing automation platform, i.e. Marketo.

·      Competent skills with Excel.

·      Professional demeanor on phone.

·      Team worker, good attitude, energetic

·      Bilingual a plus (English, Korean, Spanish, etc.)

·       Initiative skills

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