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2019.07.19 16:51

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업체명 : Hyundai L&C USA LLC 
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Job Title: Data Analyst

Location: Atlanta, GA

The entry level Data Analyst will perform the following tasks under the leadership of the Planning Team:


  • Identify, collect, analyze and present trends, visualizations, and summaries of data.
  • Create, update, and maintain data dictionaries, including data integrity problems.
  • Collaborate with business leaders to define metrics and performance indicators and product analysis.
  • Create algorithms and predictive models using statistical techniques.
  • Produce presentations and reports for multiple audiences.


  • SQL
  • SAP BI
  • Data Mining
  • Data Analysis
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • Database Mgt. & Reporting
  • Maybe Crystal Reporting


  • Must master the ability to collect the right data and then glean insights to drive strategy and measure effectiveness.
  • Must possess a creative spirit, one that pushes them to experiment, remain flexible and solve problems with a new, fresh perspective.
  • Must look for the meaning—the “why”—behind the numbers, with an insatiable drive to discover actionable insights.
  • Must constantly ask questions and search for solutions.
  • Must dig deep and get lost in data, those who are most effective also have the ability to think beyond a tactical level.
  • Must understand how to transform meaningful data into digestible insights and how to communicate those insights to a wide range of audiences— “Storytelling is a very important skill—to [be able to] translate the numbers, the metrics, into very clear and straightforward, actionable and engaging stories. Keep it Simple!
  • Must stay up-to-date by attending industry events, reading widely and making connections. These folks are proactive thinkers who thrive off of being challenged, day in and day out.
  • Data interpretation at this level requires critical analysis without bias or expectation, as well as a deep understanding of tools, formulas and models that comes from hands-on experience.
  • Be a People Person - “Communication and collaboration skills are vital for business analysts to be successful,”


  • 1-2 years’ experience (entry level)
  • 4 year degree (preferably math/science or other degree reflecting qualitative/quantitative skill)


Please submit your application via below URL:


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